Our services.


We make an accurate diagnosis, which is essential to the best possible outcome.

We take a detailed history including aspects such as details of the current problem, current medications, previous medical history and lifestyle to gain an accurate picture of the medical status.

We perform a specific and detailed biomechanical examination including postural analysis, neurological and orthopedic tests.

Any existing information from scans or reports will be correlated.

The diagnosis and suggested plan of management will be explained to you.


We have many techniques at our disposal for joints as well as muscles and ligaments.

Manipulative and soft tissue techniques are all utilised. We perform manipulation, mobilsation, acupuncture or dry needling, myofascial release plus Kinesio Taping. We also perform Activator technique.

In addition our high spec chiropractic bench allows us to perform drop, flexion-distraction as well as diversified techniques.

We have chiropractic techniques to assist a wide range of problems from disc prolapse, scoliosis and neck pain to rotator cuff issues, sports injuries and osteoarthritis. Offering you a tailored and personal approach.


In the restorative phase your symptoms are decreasing, mobility is improving and patients are feeling better.

At this stage you will be seen at a steadily decreasing frequency, until appointments are scheduled over a longer time period.


Many patients are seen no more than three or four times a year depending on their individual case. As most modern lifestyle encourages joints to tighten and muscles to stiffen, a regular but infrequent treatment makes sense. It allows for the maintenance of motion and mobility in joints and the soft tissue. The patient will again be advised and often exercises are altered to account for responses made by the body.

Excellence of Care

We are governed by statute and regulated by the General Chiropractic Council. In order to stay registered we have to keep up to date with current research every year.  We have to comply with the regulations made mandatory by the GCC and attend annual CPD events, so you can be assured of excellent care.

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