Our chiropractors.

Alan Binns

Alan graduated from the Anglo- European College of Chiropractic in 2007 with a Masters in Chiropractic. Since graduating Alan has worked in Belfast, Glasgow, Leeds and now we are very fortunate to him here in Ilkley. His primary focus is unlocking the potential in every patient, young or old, active or sedentary. Alan has always pushed himself physically and discovered the advantage that chiropractic care gave him both day to day and into the future.

‘The key lies with the patient, they are often the cause of their problems, they are also the solution. Chiropractic care is one that suits those ready to make changes to their lives. It works when people are prepared to work hard to find the answers and to stay the course’.

“Health is not just exercise, diet and living stress free, it’s also about keeping your body at its functional optimum, whether it’s about keeping pain-free, mobile or at your sporting peak. Chiropractic care offers another goal of maximising your health and years of healthy living”

Rachel Wilkinson

Rachel also graduated from the AECC in 1996 and will soon be celebrating 20 years in practice. Rachel embarked on a chiropractic career after several years of pain and restricted activity following a series of car accidents in her teens. Prior to her chiropractic treatment her problems had been unresponsive to other manual therapies. That visit to the chiropractor was to change her life forever.

“I consider it a privilege to treat the people who come to see me. It is the most rewarding job to assist people to recover from severe injury or an acute episode of pain and restriction, to return to their normal activities and even surpass them. I love to remove the limitations that many people put upon themselves, or have accepted over time, and to see people enjoy fuller, more active lives. I believe people are now coming to realise and embrace that a healthy life is about living actively. Without freedom of movement, health suffers rapidly. So get up and get out!
And if you can’t… get some chiropractic care!”

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