Covid-19 Guidance.

All patients to read and understand the following:

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Please follow the steps below.
The safety of our patients and our staff is a priority at this time.

Appointment Procedure

  1. You are kindly requested to arrive just a few minutes before the time of your appointment and not too early or late. This is to facilitate social distancing so you do not overlap with the next patient and to allow time for sanitisation before the next patient arrives.
  2. In cases where you arrive late, your treatment time will be shortened accordingly.
  3. You are asked to wear a face mask to attend the clinic. They are available to purchase if you do not have one.
  4. You are asked to wash your hands on arrival before entering reception.
  5. You are asked to come alone unless you need assistance.
  6. Please wear loose clothing to avoid gowning where possible and without jewellery and avoid bringing accessories with you such as bags and rucksacks to avoid touching surfaces.
  7. You are invited to bring a towel to cover the bench if wished.
  8. Payment will be by contactless card wherever possible. We cannot accept cash.
  9. You are invited to use hand sanitiser following the treatment if you wish and to leave promptly. If being collected please arrange to meet away from the clinic to avoid coming in contact with the next patient arriving.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the measures we have taken to reduce the risks associated with CV19 and treatment, we are staggering appointments to allow more time between patient encounters. This has reduced the number of appointments available to patients. We are therefore implementing a 24 hour cancellation policy where the full fee will be charged for non-attendance or late cancellation.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our clinic team: 01943 604444.

Patients to read, print, sign and bring to your appointment (or you can sign at the clinic):

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